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Training Delivered Onsite Across the UK 



Accredited RTITB Training and In-House Certification

On-site Nationwide in the United Kingdom

Individual Training available at Gatwick

Novice 1 person 3 days

Novice 2 people 4 days

Novice 3 people 5 days

Refresher 1-3 people 1 day

Conversion 1-2 people 1 day

Conversion 3 people 2 days

For more information contact us via email or phone or fill out the booking form

Counterbalance Forklift

This is widely used in various environments including warehouses and storage depots with a reach of up to 20 feet and has a counterweight to balance the load on the fork arms. 


Reach Truck Training

These trucks are used predominantly in warehouses and where space is restricted. They are called reach trucks because the mast is moved forwards or reached out to pick up the load. For travelling, the load is reached back and carried within the wheelbase which allows greater manoeuvrability. A height of 40 feet can be reached from this type of forklift. 


Logistics Training

Our partner Logistical Training offers CPC and Transport Manager Training

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